How To Get Console

There are many questions about how to get console in Counter Strike Source
That why we made this guide and put it at the homepage

Below here is an simpel way to get console in Counter Strike Source.
If there are any questions, you can contact Nightmare, an admin at the forum or ingame.

  1. Open “Steam: Libary” menu.
  2. Right-click at Counter strike  Source and chooseproperties”.
  3. Follow this picture Picture Propeties or read this text: and click at “Set launch options”,
    after that type -console and click at “Ok” followed by “Close”.

Besides from the text above, it’s now possible to start Counter Strike Source including console.
If you dont want console to popup when you are starting Counter Strike Source.
But want to bind it to a button, follow the next small steps

  1. In console you type: bind “F1” “toggleconsole” (if you want another button change F1)
  2. If you close console now, and push F1 now (or the button you choosed) your console will open.

If you want to remove console from automatic start when you open Counter Strike Source, and use the button you had bind to console instead, follow the next small steps

  1. Go to  “Propeties” for Counter Strike Source again and remove -console from “Set launch options”.
  2. Now push “OK” and in the future you have to use F1 (or the button you choosed) to open and close console in Counter Strike Source

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